My favorite links

My family

Weinmans on the web With links to my Brother and Sister
My Brother-in-law Check out all his drawings and other stuff
My Niece Jamie is 7, she has her own web site dedicated to cats
My Dad Wow, He's kewl!

UCLA My school.
Santa Monica College My previos school. The best community college in the country
The Exploratorium In San Francisco. Lots of really neat interactive science stuff
Discovery Channel Online The best educational TV channel
Bill Nye the science guy A very kewl science show

Just for fun Enuf said!
24 hours in cyberspace Permanent site

My favorite places to go
Mammoth Mountain You are here, WHY!
LLBean's Park Search A very nice campsite search

Miscellaneous Need software? Need to list a site?
The WeBbox Check it out
8/8/98 Steven Weinman